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Tracksol Terminal (Mobile POS Computer)

RM 1,590.00


• Terminal with built in printer, RFID, bar code or QR code scanner.

• Auto document and data download / upload feature.

• Open receive notes can be created or generated at the terminal.

• Terminal alert when data remains in terminal. • Audit trail is generated at point of transaction, attached to documents.

• Two parties hand-shaking confirmation for all transactions at terminal.

• Handling of extra or wrong items received or issued at terminal. • Use of terminal to Ensure the right items are delivered or picked.

• Easy to operate touch screen terminal with wifi or GSM.

• Paperless tracking. All documents are in the terminal.

• Random audit with terminal with wrong location or new location detection.

Available Business Module :

1. Retail

2. Van Sale and Distribution

3. Restaurant and Food Court