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The XE-A 107 entry level cash register is the perfect partner for a small business owner

who needs an electronic cash register that’s big on performance but small in size.

Packed with convenient features like simply programming key strokes, an external bill tray,

and removable key tops for easy cleaning, the XE-A 107 was designed for easy setup and reliability.

The media slot on the front of the cash drawer provides a quick and secure place to deposit bills

and checks without the constant hassle of lifting a coin tray. With the Sharp XE-A 107 cash register,

managing sales and taxes has never been so simple.


1.Drawer slot for quick, safe handling of bills and cheques

2.Key-activated mode switch for secure operation

3.Locking cash drawer with 3 bill and 6 coin compartments

4.Drum printer for reliable heavy-duty use

5.Bright, large-character LED display for easy viewing

6.Color Selection : White/Black

Warranty 1 year by local supplier.