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Memory Foam Shoe Insoles

RM 9.34

Product Highlights

Fits for Women & Men (unisex)

Prevents heel shock

Relieves pressure of your foot

Walk and run in complete comfort

Suitable for everyday use

Product Details

The average person takes 8,000 to 10,000 steps a day. That’s a lot of steps! However, as we age, the fatty protective pads that cushion the bottom of our feet tend to start wearing away. If we gain a couple of extra pounds, too, that can add to the stress our feet endure.


- These Memory Insoles can help to prevent the pain and injuries that can come from tired, swollen and sore feet.

- The Memory Insoles relieve pressure on the balls, heels and ankle joints, and can help combat conditions like bunions, arthritis, and heel spurs.

- This great value double pack gives you two insoles that can be cut to fit any size of shoe, for men, women and children.

- Fits all sizes of shoes men’s and women’s (unisex)

Insoles can be trimmed to any size Great value of Memory Insoles.

- Give your tired and achy feet a rest

- Great for holidays where you might do a lot of walking

- Suitable for everyday use

- Cuts to fit any size shoe, kids and adults alike

- Provides relief from feet problems

- Mould to your feet for unbelievable comfort