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Ironsteel RIGGER EXTREME 28230

RM 555.66


MODEL : T-472Q (28230) 

Upper - Genuine Oil Full Grain Leather

Gooyear Welted Construction

Steel Toe Cap

Anti Penetration Plate

Counter Stitch Through Triple Stitching

Color - Moondance Brown

Puller - Leather puller for easy to wear

Goodyear Welt Construction

Collar - Soft and easy to bend forward and backward

Heel Counter - Thermo Heat counter for extra stability

Footbed - Polyurethane for extra comfort

Outsole - Nitrile Rubber with 300 degree heat resistant, High Abrasion, Slip resistant and

Flex resistant.

Toe Cap - EN ISO 20345: 2011 SBP SRC standard toe cap EN 12568 - with 200 joules for

Impact and 15,000 Newtons Compression

Penetration - EN ISO 20345:2011 SBP SRC - Steel Plate + Glyerol

Antipenetration steel midsole EN 12568 with 1,100 Newtons of penetration

Good Year Welt - GYW is the strongest construction on shoe making.

Extra Stitching on toe area for more durable

Triple stitching on upper for extra durable

Professional - Oil & Gas, Construction, In Shore, Off Shore, Welding, Boiler and

Industrial Use Others Similar Hazardous Heavy Industries use.

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