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EDC Credit Card Terminal (Wireless)

RM 1,882.60

M4230 GPRS Terminal

To customers who only require the hardware for payment solutions, we will provide EDCPOS Terminal installation and maintenance services. Our EDCPOS Terminals (front-end) interact with network programmes and software's (at the back-end) in the electronic payment network structure. The EDCPOS Terminals read or acquire information from chip-based Credit/Debit/Charge Cards, which are verified against a card issuing system.

Our EDCPOS Terminals are deployed at cashier counters in any merchant stores and outlets throughout Malaysia . As value-added services, we also provide training sessions to our customers if we are requested to. Since all EDCPOS Terminals are simple and easy to use the time required for user training is minimized. We also offer 24-hour customer support services on a daily basis. The key features of EDCPOS Terminals are as below:

Communication Type

1. Mobile Wireless

2. Fixed Wireless


1.Card reader: both magnetic stripe and smart card (chip-based)

2.Small footprint; light weight

3.High security, Payment Card Industry (PCI) Pin Entry Device (PED) certified

4.Multi-lingual (selectable)

5.Large paper roll

6.Multi-merchant identity

Installation Process

First, we receive a request for EDCPOS Terminal installation from the Financial Institutions. Next, our customer service team performs internal preparations and final quality checks on the EDCPOS Terminals. If satisfactory, the EDCPOS Terminals are installed at the Merchants' outlet(s) and user acceptance test would be carried out together with on-site user training. Following which, we provide after sales maintenance and support services. The installation process for our Terminal Services is illustrated in the diagram below.

Merchant Service provided by ManagePay Systems Berhad.

Approving Bank (Malaysia) :-

Kindly contact our admin @ 010-268 7826 for further documentations.