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Cuckoo C+ Humidifier

RM 120.00


Malaysia’s 1st air purifier + humidifier with periodic service

Good air is not just about its purity, but its humidity as well. Get yourself an air purifier that gives you both.

  1. Superfine Humidification Moisture Particles: Moisturises the air even in wide spaces
  2. Upgraded Ultra PM2.5 Filter: Eliminates up to 99.95% of airborne dust
  3. Plasma Ioniser: Turns harmful substances into clean air
  4. 4-filter & 7-level Filtration System
  5. Multiple Operating Modes
  6. Voice Guide with 4 Languages
  7. Plethora of Convenient Functions
Usage AreaIndoors
Rated area for application with CA certification37.4 m2
Humidifying Ability300 mL/h
Water Tank Size2.5 L
Product Size430 mm (Length) X 276 mm (Width) X 550 mm (Height)
Product Weight9.2 kg