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BenQ T3 4G LTE Smartphone

RM 569.00 RM 599.00

The BenQ T3 4G LTE smartphone perfectly captures every sparkle of the night with Ultra Sensitivity Mode and 8MP rear camera.

4G High Speed Internet Access

BenQ T3 comes with 4G LTE High Speed Main chip (Cat.4),BenQ T3 supports 4G LTE high speed download up to 150Mbps.You can download a complete music album in 5 seconds.It allows you to watch videos, listen to music and transferphotos faster than anyone!

4x Ultra Sensitivity Mode

BenQ T3 is equipped with 8 megapixel CCD, oversampling and BSI technology to provide 4 times light-capturing of each pixel to have every precious moment vividly even in the dark.Ultra Sensitivity Mode enhances light-capturing of each pixel over 400%.

HFR Video Recording with slow motion playback

HFR (High Frame Rate) allows slow motion playback to revisit every split seconds of the best memories recorded with BenQ T3 and share to family and friends instantly with ease.

Smile Detection Mode

BenQ T3 supports Smile Detection Mode to track lovely smile. Whether it’s a grin or a big wide smile, the brilliant system automatically triggers shutter to snap the perfect photo.

HDR (High Dynamic Range)

Nothing can stop you from encapsulating important memories again with superior dynamic luminosity provided by HDR (High Dynamic Range) technology. HDR compensates loss of elements in dark or bright lights by capturing multiple exposure levels and create a photo with depth and vibrant details.

Exclusive Low Blue Light Technology to protect your eyes

BenQ uses exclusive Low Blue Light technology to minimize light aggravation and adjusts brightness level depending on ambient lighting to protect your eyes. BenQ T3 automatically fine-tunes brightness to 50% level while you’re browsing web during your commute to reduce harm from blue light.

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