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BenQ F5 4G LTE Smartphone

RM 759.00 RM 799.00

BenQ F5 4G LTE smartphone instantly and brightly captures all your memories with 4xUltra Sensitivity Mode and 13MP rear camera.

Capture Enchanting Surprises Even in the Dark

4xUltra Sensitivity Mode

With the 13MP Sony Exmor sensor, oversampling technology and BSI (Backside Illumination), BenQ F5 allows you to capture all your precious moments with perfection, even in low light situations. 4xUltra Sensitivity Mode enhances the light-capturing capability of each pixel by over 400%, so you can take perfect shots in daylight and in low light!

Say “Cheese”

The BenQ F5 Voice Control Shutter helps you take perfect selfies! To trigger the shutter, simply say a phrase and the voice controlled shutter will take the shot for you!

Just Smile and Live the Moment

With Smile Detection Mode, BenQ F5 will automatically take a photo for you, when they detect happy smiley faces.

Capture your Vibrant Life with HDR

Equipped with HDR (High Dynamic Range) technology, BenQ F5 shoots videos at multiple exposure levels, thereby increasing the depth and details of the video. Now you and the stunning sunset can both be captured at the same time, without any compromise.

Intelligent Video Recording

With the BenQ F5, you can easily create a personal movie using multiple clips, without using any fancy editing tools. Built with center focus, focus tracking and manual focus features, capturing your kid’s every move will be super simple as well!

Advanced Video Recording

Want to watch that breathtaking 3-point shot again? HFR ( High Frame Rate) supports slow motion playback so you can watch the shot again, by this time, frame by frame with exceptional details. Image capturing when recording mode allows you to record video and snap still photos at the same time, so you can capture those split-second moments with ease. With Time-lapse Mode, you can play video at faster speeds and have more fun with your content.

4G High Speed Internet Access

With 4G LTE High Speed Mainchip (Cat.4), BenQ F5 supports 4G LTE high speed download up to 150Mbps. You can download a complete music album in 5 seconds. It allows you to watch videos, listen to music or share photos with friends in the blink of an eye!

‧ Network bands in regions may be different, depending on the local operators and end user’s location.

‧ 4G network is only available in specific countries and location. Upload and download speeds also depend on the service providers.

Protect Your Eyes from Blue Light

BenQ uses exclusive Low Blue Light technology to minimize light aggravation. You can adjust blue light levels depending on your activity. BenQ F5 reduces blue light levels by 50% when you’re browsing the web, so you can sit back and enjoy the web, without harming your eyes.

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