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Astro NJOI Prepaid Voucher

RM 10.00

How to purchases Njoi Top Up Card (Instant)

1. Go to the product page and select "Add to Cart"

2. Proceed to the "Check Out" area

3. Select Shipping Address :

    Address 1 input your Mobile Phone No. and 

    Address 2 your Njoi SmartCard No.

4. Shipping is 'FREE' for download and top up products. 

5. The top up will be done between 24 working hours directly to your Njoi Account and receipt will be sms/whatsapp to your mobile number. Kindly contact our admin @ 010-268 7826 for any inquiry.

Please check your Njoi account as follows :-

Check Balance Instructions

Type: 000 NJOI Account Holder IC Number and SMS to 33310

If you have more than one NJOI account kindly use your Smart Card number and NOT the IC number of the registered NJOI account holder


1. If you have more than ONE account, please use your Smartcard number and NOT your IC number.

2. (RM0.00) No additional charge except for standard telco charge applies.

3. For any enquiries, please contact us at 03-9543 8100 (8am -12 midnight).

NJOI Prepaid is Malaysia’s FIRST prepaid satellite television service. It is a pay-as-you watch service and is now available to all NJOI customers nationwide. With NJOI Prepaid, NJOI customers have the option to access additional content on top of the existing 48 TV and radio channels, in accordance with their viewing needs and budgets.

View Njoi Prepaid Channel and Rates Here!!!