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Proton Perdana 1995-2010 SEi/V6

The Proton Perdana is a series of four-door mid-size saloon cars produced by Malaysian automobile manufacturer Proton.

There are two notable generations of the Proton Perdana. The first generation Proton Perdana was a badge engineered seventh generation Mitsubishi Eterna, developed as the result of a collaboration between Proton and Mitsubishi Motors. Proton refers to the 1995-1998 (non-V6) models as the first generation Proton Perdana and the 1998-2010 (V6) models as the second generation Proton Perdana. However, the general public commonly refers both 1995-1998 (non-V6) models and 1998-2010 (V6) models based of the seventh generation Mitsubishi Eterna as first generation Proton Perdana's.